trimethylsulfonium bromideTrimethylsulfonium Bromide

CAS No. 3084-53-4
Catalog No. 656264


Synonyms: Sulfonium, trimethyl-, bromide


Typical Applications:

• Pharmaceutical reagent
• Used to prepare epoxides from ketones


Physical Properties:

Form and Appearance: White to beige powder or crystals
Molecular Weight: 157.07
Specific Gravity: NE
Melting Point: 203ºC
Solubility: Soluble in water
Water Reactive: Not reactive, hydroscopic


Chemical Formula:




Purity/Analysis: 98% minimum by GC
Form and Appearance: White to light yellow crystalline solid


Product Categories:

Organic Building Blocks; Chemical Synthesis; Brominations; Alkyl; Halogenated hydrocarbons


Available in commercial quantities