CAS No. 75-77-4


Synonyms: TMCS, Chlorotrimethylsilane, Trimethylsilyl chloride, M3 Silane


Typical Applications:

• Intermediate for Silcone fluids
• Chain terminating agent
• Impart water repellency
• silanize laboratory glassware, making the surfaces more lipophilic
• Protecting group in organic synthesis


Physical Properties:

Form and Appearance: Clear liquid
Flash Point: 18-.5ºC (-1.3ºF)
Molecular Weight: 108.66
Specific Gravity: 0.868 g/cm3
Boiling Point: 57.9ºC(135ºF)
Solubility: Reactive in water
Melting Point: -58ºC(-72ºF)
Water Reactive: Reacts violently


Chemical Formula:




Purity/Analysis: 98% minimum by GC
Form and Appearance: Clear colorless to pale yellow liquid, biting odor


Product Categories:

Protecting and Derivatizing Reagents; Synthetic Reagents; Silicon-Based; DOW CORNING(R) PRODUCT Z-1224; Silane M3; Pharmaceutical Intermediates; Silylation (GC Derivatizing Reagents)



Available for immediate shipment in commercial quantities
Minimum package size is 55 gallon drum (170 kg.), also offered in cylinders.